24SH - ePTFE Gasket Sheet

Description and Applications

TEADIT® 24SH is a large gasket sheet produced from 100% pure, multi-directionally expanded PTFE. Universally employable gasket sheet for all applications. It is suitable for all types of flanges, nearly all media, a wide temperature range and for applications with the toughest demands on purity. It is inherently clean and non-toxic. Gaskets of multi-directionally expanded PTFE have exceptional mechanical strength which allows operation with minimal creep at elevated temperatures. The excellent malleability of TEADIT® 24SH makes repairing small damage and/or irregularities of the sealing area (flange surface) unnecessary. Gaskets cut from TEADIT® 24SH are dimensionally stable, i. e. they do not get wider when compressed. This allows narrow flange faces to be sealed safely. TEADIT® 24SH is quick and simple to install. The used gasket can be removed easily and without residue.

Datasheet 24SH