STYLE 2005

Description and Applications

TEADIT® packing Style 2005 FDA is braided from a new type of proprietary yarn made from expanded PTFE with highly refined mineral filler particles. Style 2005 FDA is a very supple packing with consistently high density and flexibility. Fast and simple to install, with minimum maintenance requirements. Because of the malleability of the unique yarn used for this packing, emissions (leakage) can be adjusted very finely and reduced to extremely low levels. Highest chemical resistance, very low coefficient of friction. FDA conformity. Although primarily designed as a valve packing, style 2005 FDA can also be used for slow moving rotating equipment like centrifugal pumps and reciprocating pumps, sliders, mixers, etc. The unsurpassed chemical resistance of PTFE makes this packing ideal for nearly all - even the most aggressive - media. Also suitable for pharmaceutical and food applications, potable water, solvents, oils, gases, effluents, etc. It is not suitable for molten alkali metals and fluorine compounds at high temperatures and pressures. Resistant to nearly all fluids and gases including the most corrosive acids and alkalis. Universal valve packing with extremely long packing life and little maintenance requirements. The special type of filled ePTFE yarn enhances malleability and heat trasfer properties of this packing. Conforms to FDA regulations for use with foodstuffs, potable water and pharmaceutical products.

Datasheet STYLE 2005